Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Chanel Inspiration Purse

Nice mini tiles front and back ard Chanel Logo in front

A unique and stylish way to open the Purse

Comes in handy and reliable;

with lots of useful partitions and compartments

White is so nice! Looks clean and classy
Clear Partitions and compartments inside the purse shown above

A Close up Nice Chanel Trademark

A clear look from the front

Gold colour can be useful to become a Dinner Bag as well...

Neat and useful partitions and compartments provided

A closeup of the Beautiful Chanel Logo on the Purse Button

Quarantee Good Quality

Code Name: Chanel Inspiration Purse

Size: 7.5"(L) x 3.8"(H) x 0.7" (D) [Up to 5"(D) wide open]

Colours: Black, White & Gold

OFFER Price: RM35 (Previous RM55)

Status: Black x 2 (ALL SOLD OUT)
White x 2 (ALL SOLD OUT)
Gold x 2 (1 SOLD, Left last one )